Free Templates & Courses

Free Templates & Courses

If you’re just starting out, testing and trying things out or whether you need a free solution to just get you off the ground, then one of my free templates will help you make that first step on the right path towards an online business foundation you can grow upon. All my solutions are tech friendly so you don’t need to be tech savvy to have a beautiful looking professional website. Check out my free options below to help you get started with your business website.

All the templates are built with Elementor, the number one WordPress website page builder which makes it easy for you to amend when needed. There’s no paid plugins required for the free templates so there is no additional or unexpected costs other than your WordPress hosting costs. I show you how to amend the template via guided video tutorials to get you going quickly and easily.

Free Templates

Life Coaching Website Template & Mini Course

A simple yet professional looking single page website and landing page. Perfect for your initial website needs to use in directory links and with social media marketing. 

Completely versatile enabling you to customise to your needs, from the colours used, your own logo, your own text and images and much more. Fully functioning contact form to allow clients to easily get in touch with you. Also includes cookie banner to help you be GDPR compliant.

Free Courses

Online Bookings With Calendly​

Take online bookings the modern way with an online booking system. Make it easier for clients to find a suitable time and date to book your time and reduce the manual burden trying to fill up your calendar with bookings.

With this mini course, you will easily be able to create your own 1:1 client booking systems with Calendly.

Easy Website Hosting With Siteground​

Hosting is one of the most difficult durdles to get over when setting up your online business. Without it, you’re going nowhere, thankfully it’s easy with Siteground.

In this free mini course, you will see the 3 easy steps to take to get secure hosting, your business email and install WordPress.


Not at all! All the templates are built to be user friendly using the number one WordPress Builder, Elementor which makes it easy to amend your website.

Plus, I include guided tutorials to take you through every step of the process from download to install to customisation.

All templates are designed for WordPress using the number one builder, Elementor.

WordPress is the only real viable DIY website solution that will enable you to grow your business with and which will serve you in the future. Hence why we only create  WordPress templates.

You can be assured that this will serve as a solid foundation for you to grow your online business, whether that’s turning it into an online store, a membership, a learning platform, blogging platform or podcast platform. 

The templates here are free and there are no additional costs to use these templates.

However, you will have to have a blank WordPress install on your hosting account, which will have a cost. It is up to you to arrange your own hosting but I do recommend Siteground.

These templates are built using Elementor (free version) for WordPress. They will only work with Elementor.

As long as you already have hosting and WordPress installed (Click HERE for the free guided hosting course) then it won’t take long at all to have the template installed and working.

As I provide video guidance on how to setup your semplate and customise it to your needs, you could have a fully customised website within a couple of hours.

A one page website is where a majority of the information needed is contained in a simple yet professional single page. It provides a simple foundation to grow your website from yet still contains enough information about you, your services and a fully functional contact form to allow clients to easily contact you about your services.

A landing page is a dedicated web page focussed purely on a single offer, such as a free download or service.

I include a landing page here so you can have a simple offer to encourage people to make contact with you. This is known as a lead magnet and is very effective with social media marketing.

Hosting is the service that stores your website information and serves it to the internet. Every website is hosted.

WordPress itself is free, however the hosting required to deliver your WordPress website will incur fees. My recommendation for hosting is Siteground (see my easy 3 step hosting setup course with Siteground)

Nearly every website these days uses something called “cookies”. These are small stored bits of data about the website visitor and is mainly used to enhance the user experience on the website. However, this data collected (like the IP address, browser used, etc) is data that is owned by the viewer. For this reason, under GDPR rules you need to let the viewer know you are collecting and utilising data. I felt it was necessary to have this included even as part of a free template.