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Some of our projects undertaken

Paul Webb Coaching

Paul Webb, AKA the Quantum Mentor, needed a new website and a fresh new look. We took his existing website from Square Space to build him something special and something he could easily update himself as and when needed via a custom dashboard and copy/paste forms.

His website also needed custom post types to accommodate links to his podcasts and yet display them in an eye catching way.

Overall, one design method was approached. Sith. Paul is an avid Star Wars fan ans so we developed a dark theme complete with red light sabre dividers. I have to say, it was a lot of fun building this for Paul!

Coach Chloe

From offering 1:1 coaching to 6 week coaching challenges, Chloe has some amazing health and wellness advice she wants to share.

It’s been a pleasure to work with Chloe on multiple evolving projects from her website to her signature six week reset course and utilising multiple platforms including email marketing, Facebook chat bots as well as advanced forms to create a lead magnet quiz.

Coach Angela Denise

Once qualified as a coach, Angela wanted to start her journey of promoting her coaching business, starting with a simple website to enable her to share details about herself and her business to potential clients.

Since then, we’ve gone on to implement an email marketing system with automated lead magnet delivery and also an event ticket sales page.

Currently, we’re working on incorporating an e-learning platform into her website to deliver a coaching programme.

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