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Coaching website in a day


As a coach, I know you're passionate about helping people

But finding, reaching and connecting with the people you want to help can be difficult. It’s not, as you’ve probably found out, quite as simple as you’d have hoped. Which is why we utilise a strategy to help us promote our business.

Your website will be the hub of your online coaching business. I’m sure you already know the importance of having a website and having landing pages ready to give people more information about your services, getting signed up and even enabling them to pay for your services with ease.

You may have even made a start on some landing pages or attempted a website? Am I correct? You probably realise its a complicated world to try and understand and, if you’re like many coaches I speak to, you’ve become a little scared of tech!

Fear not! If you’ve been struggling to get your website sorted or couldn’t justify the high prices for getting it done for you, or even if you’ve not yet started but it’s been on your “to-do” list for a while, we can make it simple and quick to get it done with one of our “website in a day masterclasses”

What would I get from the class?

I’m glad you asked. We’ve spent a fair amount of time understanding what people need from a website and most of the time, they really don’t know! So, we’ve decided to take the reigns and tell you! We’ve created a professional and beautiful looking website that has been built using best design practices and our experience from a users perspective.

At the end of the class, you’ll have a fully functional and professional website ready to proudly show off! You’ll have a website that will give you what you need to get your business started at the fraction of a price of having it just built for you. All the hardest work is done in advance for you and in the class, we go over how to make the changes required for your business.

Take a moment to watch this video. You’ll get to see a demonstration of what your website could look like. 

More than just a website...

To get your business off the ground, we like to add a few little extras that we believe should be included as standard with any website. So, we add things like business email address for you to use for a professional way to contact your clients. As your business email address uses your website domain, it directs interested people to your website to find out more about you. Plus, to keep your website visitors safe, we include an SSL certificate as standard. This ensures that the connection is encrypted and prevents their submitted data being intercepted by eavesdroppers. We all know how important online privacy is these days and SSL certificates is a must have, not a nice-to-have! You care about your clients, so we care about their online privacy too. We also give you access to your hosting so you can come and make more changes yourself, if you so wish! Not many will allow this, but we believe in giving you freedom to access YOUR accounts. We also use premium software to ensure your website is built to the highest standards and which will also allow further growth as you add further services. Your website will be built on solid foundations so it not only works for now, but will continue to work for you into the future.

Does this all sound complicated? Well, don’t worry! It’s all set up for you before the class begins. We will go over them in the classes to show you how to use your email account and explain in a little more detail about website security, although, there’s nothing you need to do for this. We also give you a tour of your hosting platform which we have simplified for easier navigation.

When is the masterclass?

We only run these classes once every couple of months. We’ve realised how beneficial training like this can be as well as cost effective for new startup coaches. So, we run a new class every couple of months. We also limit the classes to only 10 people so we can focus better on each of our students.

The next class starts: Yet to be scheduled.

What is the investment?

You can join the masterclass for as little as:


There are two pricing options:

  1. Maintenance package pricing. Pay only £249 for the masterclass and get 3 months free website maintenance on us. Then it’s £35/m for continued maintenance and includes all annual renewal fees. Plus you get priority access to our services at reduces rates.
  2. Course only package pricing. Pay a one off price of £525 to cover the course costs, hosting costs for the year and licencing costs for the premium software for the year. An annual renewal fee will be required each year.


What is included in the maintenance package?

How many software updates do you get now for your phone, your tablet, your apps on your computer? Software is changing at a rapid pace and to keep our software up to date, the software developers are releasing updates daily now. Your website is no different and it’s more and more important to ensure we keep on top of these updates for various reasons:

Functionality: As software is updated, it is often to sort out minor bugs or to offer improvements in the software. Also, as one software company releases updates, another company may need to update their software to continue working as required. Without keeping on top of updates, you could find your website fails to function. It’s much easier to keep on top of updates regularly than trying to repair a broken site.

Security: As software evolves, older software becomes weaker and opens up vulnerabilities for attacks and hacking. To ensure your website is more secure, the latest updates need to be installed. Trying to recover a hacked website is costly and time consuming and it can have a long term effect due to being blacklisted by the likes of Google.

We want to provide the best possible service to our clients. Which is why we offer reduced prices websites with ongoing maintenance packages. This keeps your website more cost effective, safer long term and you also know your set costs going forward with no shocking unexpected bills. We take care of all the routine tasks such as taking backups, installing updates, and ensuring your website is still fully functional each and every month. Should anything break because of an update? We will take care of getting everything back up and running again.

What else do you need to know?

Is the domain included? No, the domain is not included. The reason is, so many clients already have a domain that they’ve purchased. So, for those people, they can point their existing domain to their new website. For those without a domain or for those wanting a new domain, you can purchase one simply by visiting and we will integrate it into your hosting account. A new domain is often under £20 to purchase. Please ensure you have your domain ready for the start of the course, otherwise you’ll be unable to access your platforms.

Are there any contracts? There are terms and conditions to agree to for the training. But there are no tie-in contracts. If you wish to stop our services, let us know and we will shut down your account. You can obtain a backup file of your website, however you will loose access to the licences for the premium software used and it will be up to you to sort out your own hosting, premium licences and maintenance if you wish to continue using your backed up website. We like to think you’ll be extremely happy with our services and choose to stay with us for a long time rather than trying to lock you into our services and force you to stay with us!

Can I add further functions to the website? Absolutely! We build on platforms that can offer growth and scale as your business scales. So if you want to incorporate addition functions such as email marketing, memberships, courses or e-commerce, it can all be done! What’s more, we may run other small masterclasses to help you add these functions onto your website yourself, or, as a maintenance contract customer, you can hire us to do it for you if you wish.