A Professional Coaching Website... For Free?

What if we can give you a fully functional, optimised and responsive coaching website, free for 3 whole months? That’s exactly what we are offering here for you… without cutting corners or taking shortcuts. A full website built from one of our top templates and built to the same standard of every other website we build.

If you’ve been wasting hours, weeks or even months trying to build your own website to save on funds, then this is the ideal solution for you! We’ve taken our best coaching website design and built a template ready to put YOUR personalised content on. So not only do you have a professional and functional website that is tailored to your business, but you’ll also get it quick.

It includes all those extras you’d want from a website too! Such as a business email address and the opportunity to deliver that enticing freebie to build up your email list. All the tech is taken care of so all you need to do is give us your stuff and we make the magic happen. We also give you tutorial video’s so you’re able to send out emails to your email list and keep them up-to-date.

Please note, we’re only able to offer 10 of these template websites, don’t miss out on your opportunity to get this fantastic deal from us.

Let me tell you a whole lot more about your website...

A Brief Overview Of The Top Features

We know a website has to be functional to getting you leads for your coaching business. Which is why we designed a website that is more than just good looking! Take a look at just some of the features you get with this website:

  • SSL Certificate as standard – so your website data is encrypted and your viewer won’t get any warnings about the website being unsafe when visiting. (You’ll be surprised how many website are potentially unsafe! We want your visitors to be safe online)
  • Business email – get a more professional way to email your customers using your own domain for your email address. This is also necessary when you start email automation to deliver your freebies and people instantly know you have a professional business website they can visit to find out more about you.
  • Professional website design – we’ve looked into various website designs and worked out how the design reflects the user experience to help keep them on your website and not someone else’s. There’s no dead ends and your visitors can take action quickly and easily.
  • Optimised and responsive – your website looks great on any device and loads quickly too. About 80% of your initial website traffic will come from a mobile visitor so it has to function on small screens as well as big ones. Speed is also of the essence which is why we aim for a sub 3 second load time to keep Google search engines happy.
  • Landing pages and your lead funnel – this is such a sticky tech issue for many DIY’ers who spend hours trying to automate the delivery of a free ebook or PDF. We all want to grow our email lists and this is one of the best way to attract new leads. Which is why we include this feature as standard with your website. This alone will save you hours of frustration and hundreds in outsourced costs (and yes, it’s included in the free trial too! We still go to the effort to automate your freebie!!)
  • Easy contact forms – let people get in touch with you about your services easily by having simple and secure contact forms on your pages. These will go directly to your email inbox so you can follow them up.
  • Scalable – your website can grow with your business! Need extra features? We can add a variety of features to your website to keep up with your business needs, whether that is to turn your website into a membership platform, an e-learning platform, add booking forms, add e-commerce and much more. Rest assured your website will not limit your business and that you have tech support at hand to help implement your new features.

Pricing After Free Trial

We’re so confident you’ll love your brand new website and our service that you’ll want to stick around. Which is why we are happy to go to the effort of building your website without cutting corners and without locking you into a contract.

Once the free trial is up, you’ll pay the normal website monthly fee. We deliver a majority of our websites on a monthly fee rather than a one-off price. This way, we get to offer you the best price we can whilst simultaneously being able to manage and update your website to ensure it stays up-to-date, backed up and, should the worst happen, we will make sure it is up and running again quickly. What’s more, you’ll have us available for website updates and changes should you decide to grow your business. The monthly fee for the website and the monthly maintenance package is £75/m.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we only use platforms that we know are reliable, fast and will allow the website to grow with your business. That means we can add further pages, add memberships, add courses and much more to your website at a later date.

We do not include a domain as standard as we find many of our customers already own a domain and have previously built a website. So, we either provide instructions on how to link your existing domain to your new website or we give you the opportunity to purchase a domain from as little as £13.45 (Click HERE to purchase your domain if needed)

We do use premium hosting services (even with our free trial websites) to ensure you have great optimisation and performance and so we can easily integrate everything for you. This gives us a better and more cost effective way to manage and update your website.

Nope! Your monthly subscription cover all your domain and hosting renewal fees as well as the continued maintenance fees.

So, you won’t be presented with any shock invoices to pay!

We have utilised one of our best layouts for a coaching website which allows us to build your website quickly and cost effectively whilst still delivering a website that gives you more than just a page of information. So, the layout is fixed. However, all the images, logo’s and content of the website are decided by you as well as the two main brand colours. If you want to update the content or images at any time, there is a simple form to fill in with the details required, and we will update the website. (Subject to fee).

If you require something customised, please contact us to discuss a custom design website.

We don’t like locking people into using our services. We want you to choose to stay with us. So, there is no minimum contract length and you’re free to leave us at anytime. But we do look forward to working alongside you for a long time and helping you in your coaching business journey.

The website platform remains the property of Lexi Media. This is due to licencing contracts which allows us to develop websites much more cost effectively. The content of the website remains your property and we will not make any use of any images or content that is utilised on your website. Should you wish to purchase the website outright to move elsewhere, we will inform you of licences you will need and give you a complete backup of the website for easy transfer. This will be subject to fees.

Website software is updated daily these days meaning your website constantly needs checking and updating to ensure it stays functional and safe from vulnerabilities.

This ensures your website remains fully active and has constant backups available should your website ever need restoring. Without this, you could find yourself with a broken website that need re-building from scratch, but could remain blacklisted if old software was ever to be infected with malware. To restore a website from malware is both difficult and expensive.

For this reason, we do not create template websites without a maintenance plan.

One of our core concepts is to build websites that will grow with the business. This means using solid foundations for ALL our websites (including our free websites).

For you, this means you can have a website that fits pretty much any need, whether that is a membership website, e-commerce website, e-learning website to deliver courses, booking forms, a directory type website or much more! Get in touch with us when you’re ready to add further features. As we do with all our websites, we make sure we use only premium software to give your website viewer the best experience.

This website is and has landing pages as well as a funnels to get you coaching leads. The initial funnel implemented by many is to have a freebie to give away to then grow an email list of leads. This is included as standard so you not only have a website, but your lead generating machine too!

Got any other questions?

If you’re still unsure and have questions, please do reach out to ask!