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Making a solid start on a budget

Budget startup businesses often make the biggest mistakes, wasting time and money on the wrong platforms for their needs. I see it all too often. A business trying to achieve something on the wrong platform that they’ve already invested so much time into as so much of their limited funds.

It’s dis-heartening to see so  can only imagine what it’s like for the business owner. In fact, I’ve been there before myself but being technically minded it was a quick lesson learnt. It’s these valuable lessons that makes sure I don’t let you fall into that trap too and it’s why I offer template based website designs.

The template website designs are for the business who has a plan in place and needs a startup website to get off the ground. The templates available are built to recognised and effective designs and just require a few changes to add your own images, wording and branding. Templates are not set in stone and they can easily be modified later on to suit your growing business. What’s more the templates are still served on the best platforms available enabling your website to evolve into something powerful and amazing.

I provide all the relevant training needed to be able to change the template to your own needs, so you also have someone showing you how to avoid any pitfalls!

So, why waste time and funds on trying to do it all yourself when you can leapfrog ahead and have an amazing website up and running in no-time? All for a small monthly affordable fee.

Coaching Template Website

The coaching website template has everything you need to get your coaching business online, including service information pages, landing pages for freebies, contact forms for easy client connection and an automated email delivery system setup for you…

And, all this for free???

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