Now you’re a qualified coach, whats next?

You’ve come so far. You’ve already invested into your coaching and by becoming a qualified coach, you’ve got the skills and the knowledge to help others make massive life transformations and achieve their wildest dreams.

But where do you go from here?

This is where most coaches now set off to build their coaching business. Utilising social media to find new potential clients worth coaching. Trying to delver value to people to get them to take notice. Or run workshops in their local area or online to get attention.

Yet, as many have found out, its not as easy as they originally anticipated.

Understanding how to launch a new business and how to promote it effectively is a whole new thing to learn. As well as building your online platforms, integrating and automating systems that will help you grow your coaching business. If you’re not tech savvy, I’m sure this would be your worst nightmare!

In reality, it needed be difficult.

If you look at established coaches and their online systems that they use to generate new coaching clients, it may seem like magic and witchcraft to you and if you’ve ever had a go without ever having built online platforms before, this whole new world may be daunting and seem complicated.

But it needn’t be. In fact, with some guidance, you can start building up your systems step by step and you’ll begin to realise how even the most complicated systems are just layers of simple systems built up over time.

The most important system you’ll need before you build layers is a proven foundation system.

That’s exactly what will be provided to you in this LAUNCH programme. 

The launch programme gives new coaches like you a step by step approach to creating your online coaching business and providing all the tools you need to give value to visitors, offer coaching courses of your own and easily book and manage your 1:1 coaching calls.

All the tech is taken care of by your very own tech partner, allowing you to focus on what you now do best… coaching! Whats more, as your tech partner, when issues arise or changes need to be made, you can simply delegate it to me so it just gets done.

Launch provides you with the foundations to your future.

Too many businesses are built on a whim, not on solid foundations. This is why 95% of businesses fail.

Don’t be one of those businesses! You have a great skill that can impact hundreds or even thousands of people to live better lives. Make a solid start towards your coaching business success, your future and the potential future of all the people you’re going to impact.

To help you out further, there will be a bunch of bonus video tutorials teaching you how to setup your social media more effectively for your business needs as well as how to write bulk emails to your contacts properly. I’ll even show you how to setup and run Facebook Adverts and Google PPC adverts to grow your business even quicker.

LAUNCH launches for 10 people only in:



What does BETA mean?  It means a great opportunity for you! 

Launch is a brand new programme accumulating multiple resources to build you a better foundation for your coaching business. Its the first time that so much has been packaged together into one complete offer.

For the first time, we expect a few bumps in the road. Its a new journey and it may not go quite to plan, hence why we call it a Beta course and offer it at a vastly reduced price.

Wt the end of the programme, you’ll still get everything you need for your online platforms. All the tech will still be taken care of and you’ll still get the ongoing tech support too. Plus all the other benefits.

Let me tell you more…

Let me tell you more about what you’ll get in LAUNCH

Launch is a 24 week programme to give you the tools you need to get started and give you the technical support after launch too.

The first 12 weeks is focused on preparation. Each week we take steps together to ensure everything is ready whist behind the scenes all your technical setup is being carried out.

At the end of the first 12 weeks you will have:

  • A professional, beautiful, responsive and quick business website that will serve as the hub of your online coaching business.
  • Business email addresses for you and your team if you have one, all utilising your website domain name for a professional means of communication.
  • A digital value-giving “freebie” to offer to strangers online who may be interested in your service with automated email delivery to save you the manual admin.
  • Your own professional learning platform for you to deliver an online coaching course, immediately ready for your clients to enrol on.
  • Online booking systems for your initial connection calls and for your private 1:1 coaching clients so you don’t have to juggle diaries to find suitable times and consistently reminds your clients to turn up!

And, there’s a bunch of bonus videos!

  • Step by step instructions on how to setup your social media accounts, including Facebook, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Instagram Business accounts and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Learn how to use and implement different social media strategies to grow your business and reach more of the right clients.
  • Understand how to write keyword rich blog posts to start getting yourself showing up on Google when potential clients seek solutions to their issues.
  • Learn how to use powerful digital adverts to specifically target your next clients with offers through Facebook and Google ads.
  • Discover how to use Zoom for online face-to-face 1:1 or group coaching sessions or host online events with clients from anywhere around the world.

Once you’re launched, then comes the second 12 week phase:

  • Continuous tech support to ensure your systems are stable and fully working whilst you onboard your clients onto your courses and via your booking forms.
  • Ability to reach out to me personally as your tech support partner to direct any tech related issues to so you don’t have to worry about it at all.
  • Monthly website backups and maintenance to ensure your systems stay performing well, stay secure and remain backed up safely should the worst happen.
  • Ongoing access to the support group where you can network with other coaches and brainstorm ideas as a collective.

LAUNCH launches for 10 people only in:




I think you’ll agree that this is a ridiculously low price for all that is on offer.

Why so cheap?  This is a Beta programme, which means it has never been offered before so will be offered at this ridiculously low price for one time only. You’ll be the first coaches to benefit from this low price and it offer you an excellent opportunity to get your business launched.

Remember: This is available to 10 people only. The programme is deliberately kept to minimum numbers to ensure I can focus on each and every determined coach. It enables me to give them the focus they deserve and to enable me to have enough time to develop your tech systems in the background.

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Your online business will be built using platforms that will allow your online business to grow and scale. This includes: WordPress, Thinkific, MailerLite and Calendly.

There will be a Facebook group available for support, questions and to view weekly live videos. It’s the best way to get support and to interact in sessions with other course members. Email support will also be available.

You will be required to open up a Thinkific Basic account from $39/m. Your MailerLite account will be free up to 500 subscribers. If you reach over 500 subscribers, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan. Calendly will require a Pro plan at $12/m.

After your 24 weeks support, if you require ongoing support, you can enrol on one of the support plans starting at £35/m. This will cover your domain and hosting fees. If you do not enrol on a support plan and you wish to keep your website after 12 months from course enrolment, there will be an annual fee to cover the ongoing hosting and domain costs.

Any further work to be added or amended on your platforms will be billed at an hourly rate.

I cannot offer refunds at this price. Most of the funds will cover the costs of services which I cannot recover. Hence I do not offer any money back guarantees or refunds.

The next programme will not launch until early 2021 at a price of £1,200.00

Still Got Questions?