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Launching and growing a service based business is tough. Let me guide you to learn how to create an effective digital marketing strategy for your business.

You've finally got a skill worth running your own business with

More and more people are making the transition to setting up their own business and leaving employment behind. Coaches, consultants and other service based entrepreneurs are taking their knowledge, skills and qualifications and using that to launch their own business.

Yet, it’s staggering that 95% of new businesses owners fail to get through their first 2 years. Imagine all those amazing skills and talents that never come to fruition. Imagine the dreams that never came true for all those business owners. 

Yet, there’s demand for those services! So why do so many businesses struggle to launch?

Having the skills to deliver a service is not enough. There’s something else that so many people do not take on board properly. Marketing. 

The greatest product in the world would likely never be utilised without marketing. Yet the worst product in the world may sell out with an effective marketing strategy.

Marketing can be such a complicated world to navigate. With endless platforms to use, so much tech to implement, lots of trial and error learning as well as the time and expense needed to invest into this area of your business, it’s no wonder so many people do not face their marketing needs.

Are you ready to put an end to that, face your marketing needs with some guidance and become part of the 5% of businesses that succeed?

Budget Solutions To Meet Your Current Online Needs

I know what it’s like to launch a business on a budget. Whether you’ve already spent thousands on your training and you’re limiting yourself on your launch or whether you’re running a side hustle with a limited investment, I have both free and low-budget solutions for you that will help you get your business off the ground. 

On the other hand, if you want a more hands off approach to getting your online business and your marketing strategy setup, then I am available to work with you to find a solution for your individual needs and take care of all the tech for you.

Templates & Courses

Many businesses just need a helping hand and some guidance to get started. Which is why I have free, easy-to-use website templates and courses available to help you take those first few steps in the right direction.By taking the time to learn these first stages yourself, you will have a better idea how to use tech to your advantage in the future.

Templates & Courses

For a more professional online presence, a fully featured website will be the hub of your business where all the magic happens. By utilising an easy-to-use website template, and learning how to completely customise it with the associated course, you will save thousands on hiring a developer and learn essential skills along the way.

Complete Online
Launch Foundation

If you’re after a more complete business-in-a-box type service to teach you how to setup your website, more advanced lead generation systems and passive income systems for your business, my complete foundational online business setup course will give you all the tech guidance and templates you need to get launched. 

Mark Lee

Solution Focussed Tech Nerd

I’ve always been interested in tech and how it can be used to benefit us. From a young age I’ve tinkered and took things apart to find out how they work.

I’m dedicated to finding systems that work and tearing them apart to see how I can easily replicate them for clients. 

I also know what it’s like to start on a budget. My first venture into the online world for my photography hobby portfolio was built on a budget. I soon learned to navigate the world of online tech, what to avoid and what would help me grow.

As a huge fan of keeping things simple, I am able to find the simplicity of systems and teach them to business owners to help launch on a budget.

Done For You Services

Many business owners recognise the benefits of outsourcing work that they either don’t enjoy or feel will hold them back from doing the tasks that would benefit the business.

If you’d rather outsource your tech setup and digital marketing, please contact me to discuss your individual needs. I will work with you to find out how to best setup your online business to gain leads, serve clients and grow your business.

I work on a monthly fee retainer so you’ll always have tech support available to make changes, add new features and to help you analyse data to see what is working and what isn’t for your business.

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