Easy Hosting with Siteground

Make one of the most complicated hurdles as easy as 123. this mini course guides you on setting up yout hosting account and getting online business ready in 3 simple steps.

Don't get stuck in the hosting trap

Hosting can be one of the most difficult parts of your online business setup. With complicated settings, highly technical terms and so many different options, it’s no wonder so many people make drastic errors setting up a hosting account.

If you don’t want to be sitting around for days, watching tutorials and reading manuals on how to configure your hosting, then you’ve come to the right place.

Finally, a company has completely redesigned how hosting is setup and configured, making it extremely easy to do something that was once reserved for professionals.

So, if you want to DIY your website and save thousands on developer fees, then this mini course will get you setup with the foundations of your online business in three easy steps.

As Easy As 123


Secure Domain

Make sure your domain has a secure SSL Certificate installed so data sent and received is secure. This gives your viewer peace of mind that your website is safe to use.


Business Email

Whilst you have your professional domain, you may as well setup your business email using your domain too. This gives you your company email address to match your website.


Install WordPress

Let’s get a clean installation of WordPress onto your hosting account so you can start building your business website. You are done with setting up your hosting!

Other Benefits Of Siteground


Siteground customer support is renowned for being friendly, helpful and quick. Some of the best support around.


Blazing fast servers and ongoing investment into improving speed and performance for fast and reliable websites.


The right plans for your needs now and in the future. Start with basic hosting and upgrade as needed.


The price for all these features comes at a similar price to competitors who cannot give the same ease of use, support or speed.

Before Siteground

Traditional hosting uses a non-friendly dashboard full of complicated settings in no clear or logical order. There’s very little guidance to show you how to do what you need to do.

It’s so easy to make mistakes that could kill or even lose your website. Believe me, I’ve been there!

After Siteground

All your settings are arranged in a clear and logical order so you have a better idea of what those settings do.

And if you don’t need to make changes in that area, you can collapse the menu to hide all the non-relevant settings.

Plus, with helpful text and a lot of stuff easily done in just one or two clicks, it’s so easy to get the most complicated part of your online business done in just 3 steps.

What's In This Mini Course?

This course will go into more detail about the benefits of Siteground and my journey to finding good hosting (honestly, I’ve spent so much time managing hosting from other accounts, but not any more!) and then I’ll walk you through your account setup and finally the 3 steps to getting your WordPress website ready the proper way.


Account Setup

3 Steps

Ready To Get Started?

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Siteground Questions?

Not at all. Previously, yes, you’d need to learn some of the technical functions of your hosting so you’d know what you’re doing. But with Siteground, once you’ve got your account, it really is as easy as 3 simple steps to get WordPress ready for your website.

It’s just one of the reasons I love Siteground. I can get started on a new client website in under 10 minutes rather than spending a day preparing hosting.

You can get started with Siteground for just £5.99 per month (+vat) with their startup plan which you can lock in for 3 years at this price.

Regular price raises to £11.99 per month after introductory period, which is very competitive against some of the other “well known” hosting companies who cannot offer the same benefits as Siteground.

In my personal experience, Siteground offers much more benefits than GoDaddy. Support is much better, the interface is a breeze to use, the performance is faster and much more! 

I first started with GoDaddy and quickly left as everything was just so complicated. I’m a great fan of keeping things simple.

No,it’s not. There are hosting solutions that are a lot cheaper. However, you need to know how hosting works to understand why some hosting is cheaper and why that is detrimental to your online business. A hosting company has shared hosting so you are sharing resources with other people. Some hosting companies really push this to squeeze as many people into their accounts as possible, which ends up with cheaper prices but also terrible performance.

Then there’s re-seller accounts. I have an account with Siteground that enables me to build “unlimited’ sites. I could resell 1000 websites if I wanted to and that could be done really cheap. But again, you’d be sharing resources with 999 other people and your website would suffer with poor performance. I limit my account to only 10 websites per account for my clients so they still get the great benefits of Siteground hosting.

Hosting acts as the foundations of your online business which everything else is built upon. It really is one of the most important aspects of building your business so it’s important to get solid foundations that will serve you now and forever. Moving hosting is one of the most difficult things to manage. 

Nearly every client I meet has previously attempted a website themselves and always starts with sorting out hosting due to account issues or poor performance.

Something I aim to do through my courses is to help as many people as possible to get started on a solid foundation and not. make the same common mistakes. Hence why this course is free in an attempt to help more people launch better.

The Siteground links in the course are affiliate links which gives you an initial discount and Siteground rewards me with a small bonus for recommending a customer. That means you get discount, you get great advice from me and guided tutorials and I still earn a small income from the affiliate fee.

The Siteground links in the course are affiliate links which gives you an initial discount. Siteground rewards me with a small bonus for recommending a customer. That means you get discount, you get great advice from me and guided tutorials and I still earn a small income from the affiliate fee.

I only ever use affiliate links for services and tools that I use myself. Siteground hosts my account and I use Siteground for setting up hosting for my clients too. I want to share my experience to help others take the the right first steps in their online business journey.

Affiliate links like this help me give out free courses and still earn a small income at the same time.

Instructor - Mark Lee

I’m a solution focussed WordPress Website & Systems developer with a keen interest in personal development and the coaching industry. 

Having spent many years in the confusing and baffling world of technology, I’ve managed to stick to advice from my Japanese colleagues during my employment at Toyota, the world leaders in efficiency and productivity.

Automation and simplicity. With these two main aspects, I am able to teach people how to navigate tech to implement systems that they can use to scale and grow their business.