Simple Online Booking System

Make it easy for clients to book 1:1 calls with you through an online booking system and eliminate the constant back-and-forth emails. This course shows you how to setup Calendly.

Modern, Simple, Time Saving

Have you ever had those back and forth email conversations trying to arrange a suitable time to have that 1:1 call with someone?

Have you ever turned up for that meeting, whether online or offline, and the client “forgot”? You’re left waiting and wasting valuable time.

Have you ever struggled to work out the correct time when trying to arrange a call with someone abroad? You’ve inadvertently booked at call for 3am in the morning!

Online booking systems just make your life so much easier and save you valuable admin time for each and every booking. It also makes the whole process much easier for your client too, helping increase booking rates.

What’s more, with powerful features, your clients are reminded and you can follow up. So get your client bookings done on autopilot and enable yourself to scale to fill up your diary!

3 Powerful Features


Time Saving

When someone wants to book time with you, all you have to do is direct them to your booking page. They can find a suitable time to book with you and can secure a booking in minutes. No more back and forth messages over days to find that mutual time.


No Double Booking

Your booking system can check all your other calendars to see if you have any other appointments or meetings. This will be blocked out from your available time so clients cannot book when you have existing meetings or appointments.


Reminders & Follow Up

Automated emails and even text messages can be sent out to your clients to remind them about your call, which helps prevent no-shows and you waiting aound. Also, follow up emails can be sent out to encourage further interaction and help continue the journey.

More Benefits Of Calendly

Online Meeting Integration

Automatically integrate Zoom or Teams to have your booking scheduled into your prefered online meeting application

Website Booking Pages

Host your booking form within a web page to help drive more traffic to your website with your 1:1 calls offers.

Time Zone Adjsutments

When displaying times it will automatically adjust to the viewers time zone. No more trying to work out time zone differences.

Affordable Pricing

From a very generous free plan to only $12/m for the pro plan, Calendly is an affordable solution to making bookings easier.

Before Calendly

You’d be back and forth messaging a client, sometimes for days, trying to find a mutual free time. Clients may get fed up waiting and have booked a call with someone else instead.

It’s simply a waste of time for both you and your client. Especially if they are in another time zone which adds further complications. 


After Calendly

Bookings are done on autopilot, enabling clients to book quicker and more instantly. Freeing up your time to do more and fill up your calendar with more bookings.

With email and text message reminders, you’ll increase your client turn-up time helping prevent wasted time through so-shows.

What's In This Mini Course?

Calendly is a pretty simple tool to utilise once you know how to navigate around it and understand how it works. This mini course is intended to give you a guide and tour of its setting so you can quickly and easily get your online booking system setup.


Account Setup


Ready To Get Started?

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Calendly Questions?

Not at all. Calendly makes it all pretty simple once you know your way around the system. There’s no coding or anything like that, it’s just setting up your schedule and linking accounts, pretty much!

No. The Calendly free plan is forever free and gives you the basic levels of services. For some, this is enough to meet their needs. For more details and plans and pricing visit:

In my personal experience, I found Calendly to be a better platform. Whilst features are about the same, Acuity Scheduling comes in at about twice the price of Calendly and wasn’t as intuitive to use.

I originally created this course to help out people in my networking group. Many were companies that dealt 1:1 with clients on a regular basis and I explained the benefits of an online booking system. They LOVED it!

I thought it has potential to help others too, so I’ve released it as a free mini course so you can get a booking system setup too.

No, this is is not affiliated. Calendly do not do an affiliate scheme.

I’m simply sharing this course to help other learn a platform I use regularly for myself and my clients.

Instructor - Mark Lee

I’m a solution focussed WordPress Website & Systems developer with a keen interest in personal development and the coaching industry. 

Having spent many years in the confusing and baffling world of technology, I’ve managed to stick to advice from my Japanese colleagues during my employment at Toyota, the world leaders in efficiency and productivity.

Automation and simplicity. With these two main aspects, I am able to teach people how to navigate tech to implement systems that they can use to scale and grow their business.