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About Mark Lee

Throughout my life, I’ve always been interested in technology and gadgets, often found tinkering with things to find out how they work.

I found my love for tinkering with the internet and website when I first decided to showcase some of my own photography and wanted to develop my first ever website.

From there came a new found infatuation on developing ever better websites and not just for myself. Many friends and connections I’d made where reaching out to me for support with their own websites and for help to take their bsuinesses online.

I’m blessed I get to share my life with this amazing lady. Angela is a life coach and we’ve met many great and positive thought leaders in our journey (in fact, that’s how we met!) hence why a lot of my network consists of coaches and people of a similar profession.

I did even consider becoming a coach myself to help “live a life of more purpose”, but honestly, tech is my thing and it’s what I enjoy. 

So my goal is to help as many coaches and positive leaders to develop online systems to help them impact more people.

Mark Lee and Coach Angela
Mark Lee and Lexi Dog

Lexi was the name of my beautiful dog who is, sadly, no longer with us.

When I started my first website, I needed a brand to go with. Lexington Photography was launched. As I spent more time working on the website, slowly my landscape photography hobby died down but the brand of Lexi lives on to this day through Lexi Media.

I still do love to get into the great outdoors and into beautiful landscapes. Getting myself away from a computer is a refreshing change from time to time. When I can, I love exploring North Wales and the Lake District.

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